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Students and Working Professionals

Student and Working Professional Courses in CAD, CAE, CATIA, AutoCAD, PTC Creo and HyperMesh

At DesignTech CAD Academy, we provide various training options and learning programs in-line with the engineering curriculum and academic background. Students can choose from various levels of CAD & CAE courses to fit their training need and interest areas.

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Corporate Training

 Corporate CAD, CAE, CATIA, AutoCAD and HyperMesh Training Courses

Our CAD / CAE training institute provides quality courses in Dassault Systèmes (CATIA), PTC Creo, Ansys and Altair software (HyperMesh). We currently have presence in Pune (Kothrud), Hyderabad.

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Authorized Training Partner

Our CAD training academy is an authorized training partner of PTC, Dassault & Altair HyperWorks in India

Our training institute offers authorised certification courses on PTC Creo and Dassault Systems’ CATIA.

CAD, CAE, CATIA, AutoCAD, HyperMesh, PTC Creo & Ansys Training Institute

DesignTech CAD Academy offers training courses in CAD, CAE, CATIA, AutoCAD, HyperMesh, PTC Creo and Ansys to students and working professionals / corporates. The training institute is an education wing of DesignTech Systems Pvt. Ltd., a well known company in the CAD / CAE and engineering services field. The training institute is an authorized training partner of Dassault Systèmes, Altair HyperWorks and PTC in India. Our credentials, knowledge and dedication have gained us recognition as a reliable technology and training partner. Companies trust our quality of training work, be it CAD or CAE training. Students from our training institute are considered more seriously for a role in organizations.

Years of experience in the engineering field have widened our reach into the companies from various vertical domains across India, giving us access to the industries for student placements.

The institute has put all its experience and knowledge into formulating CAD training, CAE training, CATIA training, AutoCAD training, HyperMesh training, PTC Creo training or Ansys training courses. The courseware has been carefully articulated to help students comprehend the applications of the technologies besides their core functionalities. Our courseware is an ideal blend of theory and practical, thus helping students get job ready and prove their potential in the company immediately. The training institute has well equipped labs and provides hands on training. Our trainers are well versed in the software they teach, each having an extensive experience in their domain. We also take efforts to further the careers of our students by offering them placement assistance.

The CAD institute also focuses on one other important but neglected segment – the corporate. Years of experience in the field of CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM and products like 3D printers and CAD and CAE services has enabled the training institute to gain a deep insight into the practical needs of corporate sector. As newer, more powerful versions of a product become available, it becomes difficult for corporate users to update themselves of the latest features a CAD / CAM product offers. The Pune headquartered institute therefore also offers tailor made training courses for corporate professionals who want to master a CAD and / or CAE software like CATIA, AutoCAD, HyperMesh, PTC Creo or Ansys to meet their job requirements and achieve personal growth. Again, the CAD / CAE training is provided by experienced and well qualified tutors.

The training institute is Authorised training partner for PTC, HyperWorks and Dassault, and offers their certification to students.

Enthused by student response, we have now opened franchisees of our Pune based CAD and CAE training institute in various cities of India like Hyderabad. Hyderabad is important CAD / CAE hub in India.

We teach only on licensed software. Join our training institute and be in a league of your own!

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