Short Term / Modular Training Courses

Course Name: CATIA Surface Design and Drafting

Course Code: M-CAD1002-03

Software: CATIA

Duration: 15 days (3hrs. /day)

Description: CATIA Assembly Design and Drafting with DS Assembly Design Certification

Course Features:

Surface Design
  • Introduction to CATIA
  • Creating Sketches
  • Modifying Sketches
  • Analysing Sketches
  • Class of Surface
  • Introduction to Generative Shape Design (GSD)
  • Reference Element Toolbar
  • Concept of Hybrid Design
  • Surface Creation Primitives
  • Types of Fillets and Chamfers
  • Measure Toolbar
  • Surface Modification Features (Trim & Split)
  • Advance Surface Creation Features (Multi Section Surface, Blend, Offset, Sweep etc.)
  • Join and Healing Feature etc.
  • Surface & curve analysing features (Connect Checker Analysis, Draft Analysis)
  • Transformation Toolbar
  • Wireframe Toolbar
  • Geometrical Set (GS) vs Ordered Geometrical Set (OGS)
  • Surface Based Features (Split, Close Surface, Sew Surface)
  • Sheet Background
  • View Placement & Generation
  • Applying Annotations
DS Surface Design Exam Preparation

DesignTech CAD Academy CATIA training course highlights:  
  • Certification Examination after course completion – Assembly Design
  • Opportunity to learn from Dassault Systemes Certified Instructors
  • LMS access