Individual Courses

Course Name: HyperMesh

Course Code: CAE1001

Software: HyperMesh

Duration: 45 days (3hrs. /day)


Advance HyperMesh Training Course from Certified Trainers

Course Features:
  • HyperMesh Introduction
  • Applications of User Profiles
  • Import & export files
  • Geometry Clean-up
  • Midsurface Extraction
  • Meshing creation for Structural and Crash components
  • 1D Meshing or Connectors
    • Weld and bolt connections
  • 2D-Meshing / Shell Meshing
    • Plastic and BIW parts meshing
  • 3D-Meshing / Solid Meshing
    • Casting / mould parts meshing
  • 2D & 3D Elements Quality checking
  • Quality improvement
  • Introduction to Analysis
  • Defining Materials & properties
  • Analysis in Radioss/Optistruct/Ansys
    • Analysis setup for Linear Static analysis
    • Analysis setup for Modal analysis
    • Post processing in HyperMesh/Hyper view
    • Results interpretation
    • Report generation  
DesignTech CAD Academy HyperMesh course highlights:  
  • Complete exposure of concept to manufacturing process for various industries
  • Right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Domain specific insights through software application
  • Institute is authorized training partner of Altair
  • Trainings imparted only on licensed software
  • Trainings imparted by trainers with rich industry experience under the monitoring of certified trainers
  • Certificate carries Altair logo which adds to credibility and is recognized by the industry