Dassault CATIA Certification

Introduction to CATIA from Dassault Systemes
CATIA from Dassault Systemes is an extremely powerful and utilitarian 2D as well as 3D software used primarily for designing. CATIA is an acronym for Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application. It has been developed by Dassault Systemes, which is a software development company based out of France. Dassault has presence in many countries including India. Dassault develops design solutions for aerospace and defence, transportation and mobility, industrial equipment, marine industry and many other industires. Originally developed to design the company's Mirage aircraft way back in 1977, CATIA is still leading the field as a formidable CAD, CAM and CAE software package. Dassault’s CATIA is a leading 2D / 3D designing solution that is used by companies across various industrial domains to develop all kinds of products - from those in daily use, to jets, yachts and aircrafts.

CATIA supports all phases of the product development process – from design to execution. It has many modules like Mechanical design, Shape design, Analysis and simulation, Machining, equipment and systems, ergonomics design and analysis. It also has specialized modules for the architecture, engineering and construction fields, digital and marching simulation and a bunch of other tools. Since the first version of CATIA was rolled out by Dassault in 1977, there have been tremendous improvements in the software’s capabilities. Each module is vast, giving the user tremendous designing freedom. While it is meant for most industries that need product designing, CATIA is especially the favourite of the aerospace and automotive industries because of its generative shape design capabilities.

The product development platform integrates with existing processes and tools. Enterprises love CATIA because it integrates with their existing processes and tools. Since it allows seamless collaboration and incredible functionality, CATIA allows users access to the specialist industry applications they need. CATIA allows excellent communication facilities. This in turn allows everyone in all teams to contribute to the best of their ability. The end result is a better product and a faster development time.

Learning CATIA
Whatever the industry, CATIA is useful to anyone. The software is comprehensive, and it is almost impossible for an individual to master it on his / her own. For serious users of CATIA, training under the eyes of an experienced teacher is the key to success. Specialized training institutes like DesginTech CAD Academy (Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru) have the resources and connections with industries to impart practical training in CATIA. These institutes usually offer different courses to suit each individual’s need. Some CAD institutes also offer corporate training in CATIA for those who have been already working on the software but would like to hone up their CATIA skills. Dassault keeps on updating CATIA’s modulus and tools, and if you have been working on an earlier version of CATIA, it is beneficial to update your knowledge with professional training.

Dassault CATIA Certification
Recognising the need to provide formal training in CATIA to harness its real power, Dassault Systemes has introduced certification courses in CATIA. Everyone from CATIA customers to students can avail of these certification courses. A CATIA certification helps everyone by:
  • providing learners a certain level of skills in CATIA that helps them utilize the software in a better fashion
  • providing potential employers assurance that the person has a certain level of proficiency in using various CATIA modules
  • reducing learning curve
  • giving prospective job seekers the confidence that they their chances of getting employment is better, or moving up in their career if already employed
In short, CATIA certification helps you stand tall among other users and be more productive in whatever field you have opted for.

It is important to get CATIA certification from an authorized agency, as only such a certification merits industry-wide recognisation.  DesignTech CAD Academy, with its headquarters in Pune and branches in Hyderabad and Bengalaru, is one such training institute.