PTC Creo Certification

PTC Creo is a 3D CAD software. Earlier called as Pro-E, it was renamed Creo when PTC took over the parent company. PTC has been providing cutting-edge CAD solutions for more than 30 years now, and Creo is no exception. Creo provides tools that help create great prototypes quickly and easily. All Creo products are easy to use and can be upgraded as per business needs. Enterprises across the globe, including manufacturers from U.S., Europe and India prefer Creo as their CAD design software. Here are a few benefits of using the Creo suite of products:

  • Transform your 3D concepts into 3D Models: Creo allows displaying a sketch onto a plane and displays it along with other 2D and 3D geometry.
  • Optimised for model-based enterprises: Creo places emphasis on authoring features like ASME and ISO standard support that help enterprises
  • Better Design and Increased Engineer Productivity: Advanced rendering that produces high quality images help design engineers speed up their productivity
  • Improved Simulation: Digital Twin capability allows digital representations of unique occurrences of a physical product to take place, enabling users to gain greater insight into a product’s state, performance and behaviour before sending it to manufacture.
  • Design Capabilities for 3D Printing: PTC Creo has created a dedicated environment to adjust and manipulate the CAD model, so it is in an optimum condition for printing and a 3D printer can easily be defined.
  • Leverage Augmented Reality: Augmented reality has changed the way companies interact with their product designs. By bringing the digital and physical worlds together, the AR capabilities in Creo Parametric allow you to experience your product in a real-world environment at true scale
The current suite of PTC Creo products include:
  • PTC Creo Parametric
  • PTC Creo Direct
  • PTC Creo Simulate
  • PTC Creo Illustrate
  • PTC Creo Schematics
  • PTC Creo View MCAD
  • PTC Creo View ECAD
  • PTC Creo Sketch
  • PTC Creo Layout
  • PTC Creo Options Modeler
PTC has put in all their CAD expertise in developing Creo. It is their flagship product, and competes with the best in the world. Needless to say, Creo has immense functionality. It is one of the most scalable ranges of 3D CAD product development packages and tools in today’s market. Its variety of specific features, capabilities, and tools help engineers imagine, design and create better products. The range of PTC Creo products allow designers to model, simulate and analyse products efficiently. Creo transforms design collaboration with augmented reality (AR) and Creo products allow engineers and designers to collect real-world product data from the test-bed to the field, and bring that data back into the CAD design, facilitating product improvement on the go. The Model-Based Definition approach Creo incorporates allows the model itself to become the source authority that drives all engineering activities. This model may further be used downstream by suppliers and across organizations within an enterprise.

Why PTC Creo Certification?
Creo from PTC is a very powerful 3D CAD designing tool, and it is not an easy task to really master it. PTC keeps on adding new functionality to Creo (like adding Augmented Reality to Creo 7.0), and unless you get professional assistance, you will not be able to keep abreast of the latest features. A certificate course in PTC Creo makes you industry ready. Let us face it – we are living in an extremely competitive world today. Having mere knowledge of a software is of no practical use. Industries need people who really can harness the power of Creo, and a certification from PTC is the best way to prove it. With a PTC Creo certification, you will stand out in the job market. Professional CAD training institutes know exactly what new functionality Creo has added and what to teach the students so that they can excel in their career.

With a Creo certificate, you are ready to prove your CAD skills and the knowledge garnered in classes. If you are a student, it can help you get a good job faster. If you already are a CAD professional, the Creo certification allows you to remain competitive in the industry.

Of course, it is very important to remember that the industry values certification that has the stamp of authority. There are only a few CAD training institutes in India that have a formal tie-up with PTC, and can offer PTC accredited Creo certification at their training institute. In Pune, DesignTech CAD Academy is authorised to do so. A Creo certification from a PTC authorized CAD training institute is sure to give your career a boost in the 3D CAD domain.